Gaudi and Barcelona

I have been fascinated with the architecture of Gaudi for as long as I can remember. A number of years ago I finally got to go to Barcelona to see his buildings. I spent most of a week traveling around Barcelona on foot and by subway to see as many of his buildings as I could get to. In the process we saw many areas of Barcelona. The fish market near Las Ramblas. Lots of shoe stores. A terrifying ride on a cable car. A funky little bar at the waterfront. A flasher in Parc Guell. The flea market. The view from the top of one of the towers at La Sagrada Familia. That one for a very short time; it swayed in the wind and we took the first elevator down. Gaudi built his own house in the Parc Guell and I did a painting of it from a photo I took there. 
I loved Barcelona! and hope to go back someday!


Anonymous said...

You did this painting?! It's BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful job! It is whimsical, pretty, rosy and warm! I want to hop right into it!! :)

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sasson said...

Your paintings are terrific, I love the camel and the circus.

Anonymous said...

Whta a wonderful painting. I would love to visit Barcelona, my friends have been and tell me the art and architecture is amazing!

marion said...

I've been there!!! I LOVE Barcelona.