Full Moon in Mexico

This painting was inspired by a book that was written by a friend. He had a house in a small village in Mexico and the book is part memoir and part fiction about a week that he spent there during the full moon.
I also spent some time in this "sleepy little fishing village" and his book brought back memories of what a magical place it is. My son went there recently with his girlfriend and he reported that it's still magical!

The painting is 30 x 30 inches and painted on a gallery wrapped canvas. I used acrylic paints and a silver glaze on the moon and a teeny bit of glitter in the water.
This painting is sold.

The book is called "The Hourglass" - you can order it on Amazon.


Marbelized Table and new painting

This painting is listed on my Etsy site and is for sale framed. The frame is a recycled piece that I found at our wonderful local Habitat store. The painting is titled "After the Harvest".

The table is also a recycled piece and has a green marbelized top and the wonderful ornate legs and base are antiqued with a coordinating green glaze.
This piece is currently being shown at the PAF gallery in Siler City. The current show is by Chatham Artist Guild members, a preview of our annual studio tour. There will be an opening this Friday at the gallery from 6 to 9 PM [ September the 18th] in conjunction with the Third Friday Art Walk in Siler City.


One Person Show

I have just taken down the show of paintings that I had at Weaver Street Realty in Carrboro, NC. I was their featured artist for the Carrboro Second Friday Art Walk.
It was a successful show, I sold several pieces and talked to lots of great people at the opening.
The pieces in these photos are [or soon will be] listed in my Heronkate Shop on Etsy.


Watermelon Table

I've just listed this watermelon table in my new shop on Etsy. This shop has my painted home decor items, my polymer jewelry, and some interesting vintage items in it. 
Please visit , the shop is called Herons Treasures.


Floorcloth for Stagville Plantation

Entry hall of Bennehan house

Looking into the dining room.

Attaching tape to edges

I have just completed a large floorcloth for the Bennehan House entry hall at the Historic Stagville Plantation in Durham, NC. It is 9 feet wide by 11 1/2 feet long. It's a colonial design with white and dark gray marbelized squares and accents in an historic gold color.
The first photo is of the entry hall.

The next photo is a view of the floorcloth looking into the dining room. The color in the floorcloth coordinates with the dining room walls.

The last photo shows me with my assistant , Ducka Kelly, attaching non-skid rug tape to the edges.

If you live near Durham, be sure to make a trip to this lovely historic site.


Two new paintings

These are my newest work. The luna moth is a painting/collage and the Summer City painting is more abstract than usual, I like it a lot and am planning to do more work in this direction soon.
They are for sale in my shop on Boundless Gallery.


Painted Floor

This is a kitchen floor that I painted for a client last week. The design of poppies is done with a series of stencils that I designed and cut. The poppies are from a design by William Morris. 
First I primed the floor and painted the background, then I added the pattern with stencils and some hand painting. Then I painted the border, and after everything dried, I put on three coats of Varathane Diamond floor finish. Very durable and easy to keep clean. I hope they're dancing on it tonight!


Floorcloth with trees

This is a floorcloth that I recently finished for a client's powder room. The bold colors and design coordinate with the lovely artwork on the walls, black and white drawings and silk screen prints. The towels are green.

The floorcloth gives the area a focal point and ties together all the elements in the room. The room is small so I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing!


New Orleans Datura

The datura is one of my favorite plants. The huge white flowers open at night and have a wonderful fragrance. The bushes grow very tall, especially in warm climates. I painted this picture for a client who saw datura growing way over her head on a trip to New Orleans. 


The Oldest House in Pittsboro

This is a painting of the oldest house in Pittsboro.  It's locally known as the "Yellow House" and it was built in 1787 by Patrick St. Lawrence.   I painted it for a show at our Arts Council gallery called Chatham county history. It is 20 x 24 inches, painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. 


Four for $35.00 or Less - Framed original paintings

Today I'm listing four of my mini-paintings.  These are original acrylic paintings on canvas.  They are all framed with frames that I have found at local thrift shops and recycled. 
 They can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

                                       "The Road"

                                        "Blue Eyed Luna Moth"


                                     "Tile Roofs"


New Life for Old Pots

These pots are on a ledge above a stairway in a clients home. They were dark and boring
 so she asked me to decorate them. The colors go with the rugs and other pots in the room.

I decided to take photos of them in process, so here they are. 


Floorcloth, Painting, Fish

A few of the things I've been working on lately.
[This post edited Jan. 2012 - all these items have been sold]