Painted Floor

This is a kitchen floor that I painted for a client last week. The design of poppies is done with a series of stencils that I designed and cut. The poppies are from a design by William Morris. 
First I primed the floor and painted the background, then I added the pattern with stencils and some hand painting. Then I painted the border, and after everything dried, I put on three coats of Varathane Diamond floor finish. Very durable and easy to keep clean. I hope they're dancing on it tonight!


Floorcloth with trees

This is a floorcloth that I recently finished for a client's powder room. The bold colors and design coordinate with the lovely artwork on the walls, black and white drawings and silk screen prints. The towels are green.

The floorcloth gives the area a focal point and ties together all the elements in the room. The room is small so I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing!