Folding screen

I've just finished this folding screen for one of my clients. She wanted to block the view into her kitchen from the dining room and a door would not have worked because it would have opened awkwardly in any direction. I found two sets of wood folding doors at our local Habitat store and used three of the four panels and replaced the hinges with folding screen hinges so that each panel can fold either way. 
The side facing the dining room has a large tree spreading over all the panels to create a picture of the tree as if one were looking through a door. The other side is more whimsical with castles, elephants, camels, trees , and birds. More to look at while working in the kitchen! 
The edges are all "faux bois" which is woodgraining. Originally they were all white.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! You made these?! They are beautiful!!! SO gorgeous! :) What a fun and big project!

Sophie said...

What wonderful screens! They must have taken you a very long time to make. You have such a talent for craft making!
On another note, it looks like I am finally going to visit Barcelona in the summer! Do you remember me commenting on your Gaudi and Bacelona post? I'm uber excited!

Judy Nolan said...

These folding screens are fabulous, Kate! Absolutely beautiful!--JN Originals